Domino Printing Sciences announces 2012 interim results

Sales in the six months to 30 April 2012 were 3% below the comparable period last year,” comments chairman Peter Byrom. “New equipment revenues were 4% down as economic conditions and general uncertainty in the short-term outlook led to delays and deferrals of investment decisions by some of our customers. Volumes of our newer technology products, laser, thermal transfer overprinting and the K600i digital press were ahead of the prior year but our sales of traditional technology printers were depressed in particular in Europe, China and SE Asian markets. Demand for our consumables and other after market products which represent approximately 60% of sales has been in line with our expectations.

We have controlled costs carefully while maintaining high levels of customer service and responsiveness. We have continued to invest in research and development and made good progress with our new platform development. We look forward to seeing new products based upon this platform over the next two years.

“Our attendance at DRUPA was a success with a strong showing of our products on both our own and OEM stands.  Immediately following DRUPA we announced the acquisition of the remaining shares in Graph-Tech AG, our Swiss partner responsible for the development and manufacture of a number of our digital printing products including the exciting new K600i and N600i label presses.  We expect to see growth in these products as digital technology replaces traditional printing techniques in packaging and other applications.  We were also pleased to announce the acquisition of PostJet, a company established in the postal sector which will further enhance our digital printing capabilities.

There is general uncertainty about global economic conditions and we remain cautious about immediate prospects for market recovery. Our expectation is that sales for the full year will be close to those achieved last year; we remain confident in the quality of our business and in longer-term prospects for growth.”

Domino Printing Sciences

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