Easily bridging the workflow gap

Arden Software has designed its WEBcnx project lifecycle and workflow management solution to allow converters to differentiate their business from the competition

As a leader in the development of design and manufacturing solutions for packaging, Arden Software is ahead of the field in recognising that success comes from understanding how CAD is able to integrate design with all the workflows in a business.

Manufacturers often have personnel spread out across several plants and need to collaborate closely on projects. With lead times being much shorter, it is essential that information is available to these personnel and anyone else who needs it, anywhere and anytime it’s needed.

 Workflow management

Arden Software understands that packaging organisations want to retain the ability to differentiate their businesses from their competition, which is why its WEBcnx webbased project lifecycle and workflow management solution has been designed to allow them to do just that. The versatility of

WEBcnx means that no two installations are ever the same. When coupled with an Impact Enterprise database, it is the only system on the market that will allow users to spread their design processes across an entire company in real time and which can be easily integrated with virtually any ERP or business management system.

With WEBcnx and Impact, personnel throughout a business and across multiple locations can access the information they need to perform their part of the project, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they are located.

As well as completely integrating with Arden Software’s market leading CAD application Impact, WEBcnx is also a hugely powerful project management tool, handling projects from the first point of customer contact through design, virtual 3D proofing, design approval and graphic design to tooling manufacture.

Automatic notifications

Triggers can be set up so that email notifications are automatically sent out to specific individuals or groups, reminding them of the tasks that are due and ensuring that projects never get stuck with anyone for longer than is absolutely necessary.

By managing every aspect of every project, WEBcnx significantly reduces the amount of repeated procedures packaging producers have to go through while eliminating duplication of data entry and maintaining a secure, auditable record of every request, amendment and document. With an intuitive and easy to use dashboard style interface the system also includes advanced, customisable reporting and analysis tools that allow managers to track performance, identify the most profitable accounts or market sector and assess the performance of suppliers.

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