EasyWeb™ Torque Controller

Dover Flexo Electronics, Inc (DFE), known for the past 39 years as a leading industry supplier of direct tension measurement, display and control equipment has now launched the EasyWeb™, a new open-loop controller that can maintain web tension throughout a converting, printing or finishing run without a direct tension input from tension transducers or load cells.

Unlike DFE’s automatic tension controllers that take an input signal from tension transducers (which install onto idler rolls to sense tension directly), web tension with the EasyWeb™ is maintained by controlling motor or brake torque based on the calculated change in roll diameter as the substrate roll is wound or unwound. An inertia compensation parameter that is part of the software design provides greater control of web tension during line speed acceleration or deceleration.

The EasyWeb™ Torque Controller can accept input signals from a direct diameter sensor or can calculate diameter through line and roll speed signal inputs. Units are available in panel mount chassis versions or in full enclosures with various voltage and pneumatic configurations.

For customers who are more price-sensitive, DFE has added this controller to its line of tension controllers as a lower-cost alternative to the highly accurate transducer-based tension controllers for applications that may be less precision demanding. Dover Flexo’s engineers still recommend a closed-loop tension controller, like the SteadyWeb5™ for applications where tension must be maintained at a specific value.

The simple user interface employs a bright OLED display for easy viewing in any lighting conditions and at steep viewing angles. A large front dial­—the hallmark of all current DFE controllers—allows fast, easy scrolling and selections through the user menu.

Converters and Printers are invited to view a brief video of the EasyWeb Torque Controller in an animated simulation at the company’s web site http://www.dfe.com/products/easyweb.html  Data sheets are available for download.