Eco-friendly pharmaceutical package designed to improve medication adherence

Now in Walmart pharmacies, Ecoslide-RX manufactured by Keystone Folding Box Co is a prescription pharmaceutical package that can improve patient dosing compliance. A more eco-friendly design, it contains no plastic and is produced from a raw material that is sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable. Additionally, the design places a premium on both consumer safety and ease of use. Testing of the package in 2011 concluded Ecoslide-RX achieved the highest ‘child-resistant’ rating (F=1) and is deemed ‘senior-friendly.’

Compliance (or adherence) refers to the degree to which a patient follows prescribed dosing instructions. Compliance packaging is one way to help prompt patients to take medication correctly, offering day-of-the-week calendarisation for each individual dose which, according to several recent studies can significantly increase patients’ likelihood to adhere to medication regimens.

In 2011 a published peer-reviewed study of over 300,000 Walmart pharmacy patients during a two-year period concluded that compliance packaging measurably improved adherence and persistency. The same study also shows a significant ROI for the incremental cost of the compliance package over traditional bottles. Compliance packaging delivers a rare ‘win-win-win’; patients, drug manufactures and retailers all can benefit from its use.
Ecoslide-RX is being utilised in Walmart’s popular $4 prescription drug program, a testament to the package’s cost-effectiveness and Walmart’s belief in compliance packaging.

In a recent consumer research study both pharmacists and consumers gave Ecoslide-RX high marks when graded against competing blister solutions and traditional amber vials. A solution for prescription products, physician’s samples and clinical trial materials, it offers large, easy-to-read type on all sides and clear, simple opening instructions.