Edale signs new representation for Germany

Edale has announced an recent exclusive partnership with Porter Pac based in Eichen, Germany. Porter Pac are specialists in the label and packaging markets with a proven background in selling US brand flexographic printing presses for many years across Germany and worldwide. 

As well as narrow web and labeling focuses Porter Pac are also key distributors for slitter rewinder machinery and Edale saw the company as a strong match. 

“I feel Porter Pac will be a great company to represent the Edale brand,” comments export sales director Bernhard Grob. “Both Jerry and Sean are very hands-on with a great reputation alongside a wealth of technical knowledge which will be invaluable in re-introducing Edale products to the German market”.

Jerry Porter MD of Porter Pac concludes: “Edale’s capability to provide customers with both high quality workhorses as well as specialised equipment for a particular customers needs is a key factor in today’s market. Combined with Edales excellent reputation we see this as the future for machinery requirements in Germany”.