Edale/Romexsa at Label Summit Latin America

During the last Label Expo Europe held in Brussels in 2011, Edale officially signed up Romexsa (Rotograbado en Mexico) to exclusively cover Mexico. In April 2012 director Juan Luis Brunhuber and operations manager Jesus Rueda of Romexsa participated in the first show as representatives of Edale at the Label Summit Latin America event held in Guadalajara, Mexico.


Label Summit organisers reports of record-breaking attendance is confirmed by Edale’s export sales director Bernhard Grob who went out to support the event.

“Mexico is a fairly new territory for us and one where Edale has not really been promoted in the past but the feedback that we received from prospective customers was very positive,” says Grob. “Juan Luis Brunhuber is very well known in the printing industry and was able to introduce me to a wide variety of different prospects.

“I am very confident that it will not be long before we make our first Edale sale as a result of the Label Summit.”


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