Erhardt+Leimer continues to expand in Asia

The Erhardt+Leimer group has opened a subsidiary in South Korea. The specialist for web guiding and inspection technology already runs subsidiaries in China, Taiwan, India and Japan, some of which have been established for several decades, accounting for 50% of the group’s worldwide turnover. The constant efforts to expand the E+L group – in particular on the Asian markets – have entered a new phase following the foundation of Erhardt+Leimer Ltd. Korea.

E+L has been active on the Korean market for several years via representatives in the textiles and paper/foil business areas. Particular focus is placed on customers including Samsung and Hyundai within the context of these market activities. In order to be able to offer better support to medium-sized customers in the future and further develop markets for the tire and web inspection industry, the decision was made to found a company in Korea.