Erhardt+Leimer — Specialists for 100 % print inspection Workflow with NYSCAN for 100% print inspection

Right before the start of the printing process the quality of the production is compared with the proof from the customer using the NYSCAN Image: Inspector. Thus, a perfect reference image is delivered.

During the printing process the NYSCAN Web:Inspector continuously compares the print image with the reference image. With the innovative NYSCAN line scan camera and the high-performance TubeLight inspecting the entire width and length of the web any printing and material defects are detected and are then recorded in a roll report. The report in turn is used by the NYSCAN Roll:Scheduler for precise defect positioning on the finishing machine. This allows to eject individual defects as well as larger areas as waste.

Each NYSCAN system can also be used independently 

Apart from the “big” NYSCAN workflow solution all systems can also be used independently. This underlines the vast experience and characterizes Erhardt+Leimer as one of the worldwide leading specialists for automation and inspection. All NYSCAN components can be easily integrated into almost every printing press or finishing machine, thus being a real alternative to conventional methods of print inspection.


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