Erhardt+Leimer successful at ICE Europe

Erhardt+Leimer are looking back on their most successful participation to date in ICE Europe. Compared to what they achieved at ICE 2011 which was itself a great success they were able to top those results this year. In addition to the core business attention was particularly directed towards the ELSIS surface inspection and the new ELTIM solution for thickness and basis weight measurement. 

With more than 150 new customer contacts, bulging order books and a very high level of interest in the ELSIS and ELTIM solutions Erhardt+Leimer’s participation more than paid off. For sales division manager Dirk Schröder ICE once again confirmed the “outstanding position that Erhardt+Leimer holds in the market with its innovative and at the same time reliable solutions”.

The industry professionals were above all interested in the ELSIS surface inspection and the ELTIM solution for thickness and basis weight measurement. ELTIM in particular has attracted a great deal of attention since its market launch a few months ago. As a system solution it permits monitoring of material thickness, weight and other relevant properties of a product during different production processes. Precisely matched components guarantee a more accurate, profitable and cost-effective production.  ?The ELTIM solution was developed in cooperation with MeSys AG. Based on the smart frame concept developed by MeSys it allows a precise measurement of the individual layer thickness with an accuracy of 0.5% to 0.2% – even in combination with other substrates. Precise substrate mixture specifications or repeated calibration will lead to even better values.  In combination with the tried-and-tested ELSIS surface inspection, the ELTIM solution offers a significant improvement in quality and profitability in the production process. Right from the market launch Schröder described the ELTIM as a “highly attractive solution for the film and foil industry” and this was confirmed even before ICE Europe. The first sales successes were reported in Italy and the US at the start of the year. Following the significant demand at ICE Europe, further positive headlines about ELTIM are inevitable.