Erik Geutjes appointed MD of Neschen Benelux

Erik Geutjes is the new managing director of Neschen Benelux. Together with the new account manager Stephan Weijkamp who is responsible for northern Holland he aims to strengthen the company’s organisation and increase growth. Both men have been providing strong support to the existing and successful Benelux team since 1 November.

Geutjes can look back on many years of experience in dealing with major customers. In the Netherlands he first worked for Vink, a wholesaler for plastics operating throughout Europe. He also worked at the large label manufacturer Kolibri Labels for many years – another valuable source of experience for Neschen as Kolibri also uses various adhesive techniques in its products for interior and exterior applications. Even more important however is Geutje’s comprehensive experience with printing works and his intensive knowledge of label and screen printing.

Sales professional Weijkamp originally came from Antalis, Europe’s leading wholesale group for visual packaging solutions. With this combined wealth of experience, they will no doubt bring Neschen Benelux much success.