Exopack sees into the future

COATING SPECIALIST Exopack has announced its latest investment designed to improve its performance in order to meet the needs of its customers. This is a computerised visual inspection system considered vital since the markets it serves demand high quality defect free film.

Product quality and consistency play an ever-increasing role in determining competitive  advantage in today’s markets.  Exopack Advanced Coatings has specialised in the coating, laminating and converting of flexible substrates used in medical, prepress, electronic and optically clear applications.

The third generation EVS IQ-TEX system automatically detects, memorises and further characterises defects  and irregularities and provides instant feedback.  Using Defect Sorting algorithms it enables the system to define defect categories for automatic sorting into groups including defects as  small as 0.1mm. 

The process will initially be used for defect detection on converting equipment but the real power of the system will be in driving improved quality from the coating lines, based on a better understanding of the root causes of defects.


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