Failsafe core plug for unwinding large tissue rolls

Svecom PE says it has developed a new approach to tissue core plug (chuck) technology that addresses various safety issues and greatly benefit tissue mills and converting operations when unwinding large tissue rolls.

The core plug is of pneumaticmechanical design. The chuck expands through large internal springs and is collapsed using compressed air at 6 bar.

This is a failsafe design: without air the chuck is expanded, gripping the core. This eliminates operator error or the opportunity to under-inflate the chucks which could cause slippage or damage to the core during unwinding that could stop a machine. The new system also lengthens core life. True centering of the cores is achieved through the double mechanical expansions. The chuck develops tremendous force inside the core ensuring a positive grip. The double mechanical levers inside the chuck provide mechanical advantage that can correct out of round cores. Oval or egg-shaped cores of up to 20 mm will be round at the chuck and run more concentrically. This could allow for higher run speeds and less vibration due to run-out and it will be possible to unwind everything, with no waste.

Easier insertion and retraction is another key ergonomic advantage. The chucks expand more than 20 mm, allowing easy insertion into damaged or badly worn cores. The large amount of expansion allows the chuck to be smaller in diameter and still grip the core concentrically and without slippage. Smaller chucks are easier to mount into the rolls – it takes a few seconds to insert or remove them.

The standard maintenance and cleaning are easy and can be carried out in the minimal time, thus saving money. In addition, the chuck is only about half the weight of a standard mechanical expanding chucks. This allows the use of Svecom’s line of lightweight electric lifting carts that are operator-friendly, easier to use and less costly.

Svecom PE

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