Ferrarini & Benelli to attend Print4All 2022: more than just Corona treatment

In a few short weeks, Ferrarini & Benelli, headquartered in Romanengo, Cremona, Italy, is exhibiting at Print4All and presenting its top solutions for the converting and labelling sectors.

Aside from Polimetal, the universal corona treatment system specifically designed and manufactured by Ferrarini & Benelli for mounting on coating, extrusion coating and laminating machines and flexo and gravure printing lines, Ferrarini & Benelli is exhibiting ET 98 as well, a solution specifically designed to respond to the needs of label manufacturers and printers.

However, in 2010 Ferrarini & Benelli launched its Plasma treatment system, an innovative solution, which takes advantage of the characteristics of Plasma to treat a wide number of surfaces.

In Air Plasma by Ferrarini & Benelli works under atmospheric pressure conditions, enhancing the bonding of inks, glues and coatings on polymers, small portions of plastic objects, cardboard and metals. Known as the “fourth state of the matter”, Plasma is used to effectively get rid of contaminating agents and prevent coatings, inks and adhesives from peeling off surfaces.

In Air Plasma is formed by a high-frequency digital generator with integrated transformer and one or more dedicated discharge nozzles built in stainless materials, which are connected to the generator through a shielded cable.

The nozzle is perfect for applying glue on narrow portions of a surface, such as the folding edge of a box, in narrow, well-defined strips, not exceeding 10 mm.

Compared to Corona treatment, Plasma treatment is more effective, because the nozzle can be placed directly on the portion of surface needing to be treated. One of the main applications of In Air Plasma is on folder-gluer lines for the paper converting industry. In Air Plasma allows the glue to adhere properly on essentially any type of box, such as rigid boxes designed for the luxury packaging sector, high-quality cosmetic boxes, crash-lock boxes and special cut-out for boxes and packaging.

Integration of In Air Plasma into the customer’s line is easy and the system itself does not require much maintenance. Plasma discharge does not release ozone into the atmosphere, thus making In Air Plasma a sustainable treatment system.

To improve the quality of the surface treatment and provide customers with tailored solutions, Ferrarini & Benelli has set up an in-house lab to assess the effectiveness of Plasma treatment. The lab tests samples of material provided by the customer, in order to adapt treatment to each requirement.

Additionally, Ferrarini & Benelli is equipped with a cobot (collaborative robot), a robot which allows customisation of testing processes by reproducing the speed of the customer’s production line and adapting the system to any shape and/or outline of the sample.

The technical department in Ferrarini & Benelli, through the combination of In Air Plasma and the robot, can cut timing and determine exactly the treatment parameters, even on the most elaborate of applications.

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