Fine-tuning fashion retailer’s packaging increases efficiency

The Antalis Packaging team carried out a free packaging audit with the client to see where they could increase efficiency and environmental considerations.

The Antalis Packaging team worked to develop a solution for the client’s packaging needs, and over the course of two days they conducted a full packaging audit on site, observing the actions and processes involved in the packaging process. The key issue appeared to be the size of the box, which the client was keen to keep.

Antalis’ solution to this issue was to propose a new box design that would retain the volume of the existing box but with altered dimensions. In order to avoid disrupting the operation, the Antalis Packaging team packed 280 orders into the new boxes to prove the capacity was unchanged. As a result of the packaging audit, the volume of the box was maintained, but the dimensions were altered to create a taller, narrower box that created efficiencies throughout the picking, packing and logistics processes.

The solution has resulted in several advantages for the client, including a streamlined process requiring fewer pallet movements, a 30% increase in packing efficiency, and reduced pallet storage locations in the client’s warehouse from 90 to 30. In terms of environmental benefits, the solution has led to reductions in transport emissions, resources, and materials. Financially, the solution will reduce the client’s logistics costs by £132k per annum, the number of temporary staff required, and the cost of materials.

Jason Poxon, Antalis Packaging technologist, comments: “This project is a great example of the power of our packaging audit and the importance of looking at ever touchpoint of the packaging and logistics processes. For any business wanting to create real efficiencies and genuine savings, it’s important to look beyond the cost of packaging materials to other aspects, such as speed to assemble, box dimensions and pallet optimisation, among many other factors.”