Food casings manufacturer improves print reliability

KPG Europe has recently installed a Euroflex Dual-Pass casing press at Excellpack Bulgaria – a leading producer of high quality printed polyamide food casings serving its domestic market and exporting to eastern and southern Europe.

“The Euroflex not only consistently produced the best print quality but the standard of engineering ensured the production reliability essential for our business,” explains managing director Kristo Karamanov. “The Euroflex performs with virtually zero vibration, enabling us to achieve excellent print registration, irrespective of design and speeds.”

Based on one or two temperature controlled 1000mm or 1800mm central impression drums and available in two standard web widths of 270mm and 400mm, the press can be specified for non-stop production, assuring minimal downtime and waste. Available with UV, IR or hot air drying systems and with open or closed ink chambers, it can be used with cationic, solvent or water-based inks. With up to 16 colours plus flexo varnish, dual-pass technology further enhances the colour capacity of the Euroflex and provides a cost effective option for printing full colour on both sides of the web.

The KPG scraper system enables 360 degree printing for all-round graphic designs which is particularly in demand for sausage casings. Polybags, ABL/PBL barrier laminates, films and labels can all be printed on the same press.

KPG Europe

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