Global standard in corrosion protection packaging

Cortec’s 130 series of products is represented by flexible packaging materials that combine VpCI corrosion protection, cushioning and desiccant action, plus antistatic capabilities, enabling customers to eliminate expensive and hazardous rust preventatives. 

All materials used in 130 series of products are safe for the environment and do not contain any harmful toxic compounds like nitrites and chromates. Parts protected with Cortec VpCI-130 Series Foams are immediately ready for use, no degreasing or coating removal is required and their application results in significant weight, labour and cost savings.

These packaging materials provide continuous multi-metal protection to ferrous, non-ferrous metals and alloys such as steel, copper, brass, aluminium, zinc, solder and silver, protecting against humidity, condensation, galvanic corrosion and residual impurities. They perform excellently even under most aggressive conditions found in marine environments and extended storage in non-air conditioned warehouses. Additionally, VpCI-130 Series Foams contain a combination of high and low vapour pressure VpCI.

These features make VpCI-130 Series Foams perfect choice for long-term protection of objects with large surface areas, such as large export packages, crates and seagoing containers. Foams will not change physical or chemical properties of electronic components. This Cortec’s series is a global bestseller for export packaging with unmatched quality and performance on the market.

Additional benefits:

VpCI-130 Series Foams contain approximately ten times more VpCI chemical per square metre of substrate than the traditional VPI papers and other wrapping materials. This makes possible the protection of objects with large surface areas, e.g., aluminium and steel coils. The combination of high and low vapour pressure VpCI contained in VpCI- 130 Series Foams affords extended protection for all kinds of large export packages.

The VpCI-130 Series of Foams is selected by world leading companies such as Heidelberger Corporation who was experiencing corrosion on the most sensitive unpainted components during the export of their machinery. A combination of VpCI-137 foam and VpCI-329 oil additive reduced the corrosion to near zero while also reducing handling costs for the company and its customers. U.S. Air Force’s faced problems with a backup generator that was rusting severely due to an extremely salty environment. The corrosion issue was completely solved after VpCI-132 foam was inserted into the generator cabinet.