GlobalFilms installs KAMPF Conslit

GlobalFilms, Spain has installed a Conslit made by the German company Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik to expand its capabilities and increase its performance.

The project was characterised by good cooperation and strong support of the KAMPF representation Jagib S.L. in Spain. Prior to placing the order, specialists from GlobalFilms thoroughly examined a Conslit slitter in the KAMPF technology center.

GlobalFilms has been located near Barcelona in Spain for 25 years. GFE also holds warehouses in Porto, Portugal and more recently has opened one in Milan, Italy. GFE’s target markets are paper lamination, food, labels and overwrap industry. GlobalFilms distributes and slits films such as BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, and other products specific to each of these markets.

The Spanish company is fully ‘service’ focused, offering their customers reliable deliveries from single reel to full tracks or containers. Its main aims are committed service, flexibility, accuracy, capability and quality.

When GlobalFilms decided to expand the slitting department of its company all of the above criteria was considered. The Conslit slitter that was commissioned last year in Spain, is the third slitter from KAMPF, among them one machine has a double turret rewind system. The machine improves GFE’s performance, with high flexibility and excellent slitting quality. The new unit increases the capabilities to work with materials up to widths of 2,000 mm and parent rolls with maximum diameter of 1,200 mm. GFE’s 2,500sqm Spanish warehouse now has a slitting capacity of 1,000 MT, offering more than 300 different material specifications with a thickness range from 0.008mm to 0.5mm and delivering almost all types of sizes and requirements.