GOEBEL IMS sees increasing demand for paper and board converting machines in Asia

In 2013, Asia was the worldwide leading region in the paper and board production and the second largest producer of pulp, according to industry statistics by CEPI and RISI. GOEBEL IMS, a long-term supplier of customized solutions for the pulp and paper industry, has seen an increasing demand in Asia for innovative and flexible machines for the converting of paper and board. With decades of experience in mechanical engineering and construction of machines, GOEBEL IMS combines extensive knowledge of the pulp and paper industry with state-of-the-art technology to produce top quality rolls for virtually any kind of papers and paper board, especially for delicate and special materials like technical papers, cigarette, tipping & plug wrap papers, coated/uncoated papers, fine-art papers and many others.

GOEBEL IMS is commissioned to supply a slitter rewinder T 2 to Shandong Renfeng China

GOEBEL IMS_machine_T 2In July, Shandong Renfeng China, a leading filter paper supplier to the automotive industry, placed an order for the supply of GOEBEL IMS T 2. The T 2 is a high-quality slitter rewinder that is used for slitting and perforating corrugated and non-corrugated filter paper. The machine processes automotive filter paper like oil or air filter paper in the paper grammage from 80 to 300 g/m² or thickness from 0,3 to 2 mm. With its single-shaft center winding concept, it is a very robust and versatile machine. The T 2 allows a web width of 1,830 mm and a converting speed of up to 800 m/min. Among its features are an automatic shaft handling, a lifting table at the unwind unit as well as an unloading and transport system for finished rolls. These features increase the productivity and efficiency of the production process. The T 2 has been customized for the specific requirements of Shandong Renfeng China and will be delivered at the beginning of 2016.

GOEBEL IMS wins order for OPTISLIT from Tjiwi Kimia Indonesia

GOEBEL IMS_machine_OPTISLITGOEBEL IMS’ OPTISLIT slitter rewinder is the ideal solution to the converting of all coated and pressure-sensitive papers such as inkjet paper, self-copying paper, thermal and art paper etc. Its highly developed technology facilitates the operation of the machine and reduces the maintenance to a minimum. Tjiwi Kimia Indonesia, a member of the Asia Pulp & Paper Group, recently signed the contract for an OPTISLIT. Tjiwi Kimia, located in Indonesia, is one of the world’s largest stationary manufacturers that actively promotes the use of post-consumer waste paper and commits to efficient and sustainable operations. With already one OPTISLIT in use for NCR paper, Tjiwi Kimia contracted GOEBEL IMS with the supply of a slitting and winding machine for sensitive paper that allows a running speed of up to 2,500 m/min and rewinding of up to 1,500 mm in diameter. The GOEBEL IMS OPTISLIT will be shipped in the second quarter of 2016 to the Tjiwi Kimia manufacturing facility.

Successful delivery of two RA 2 to Gold Huasheng Paper Mill China

GOEBEL IMS-machine RA 2Fine and delicate papers such as technical papers need special care and handling in the converting process. GOEBEL IMS offers the RA 2, a center-driven slitter rewinder with two independent single-shaft center rewinding stations with idle lay-on rollers. The pressure of the lay-on rollers can be adjusted very precisely through a pneumatic system to ensure careful winding for materials with delicate surfaces. With its unique double single-shaft winding concept it combines the advantages of the single shaft concept, that is a fast reel-change and easy new core loading, with the possibility to reach very wide web width far beyond the possibilities of a traditional single shaft slitter. Typical applications of the GOEBEL IMS RA 2 are thermal paper, carbonless copy paper, coated paper, release paper and more. For the Chinese company Gold Huasheng Paper Mill, GOEBEL IMS successfully delivered two RA 2 slitter rewinders to Suzhou, China in March 2015.

The two-drum slitter rewinder TRP for pulp and paper production

GOEBEL IMS_machine_TRPWith its completely renewed two-drum slitter and rewinder TRP, GOEBEL IMS offers a machine for the pulp and paper industry that can be applied to a variety of papers, from very thin and delicate paper up to thick paper board. Through a hydraulic system, the pressure of the independently driven rider roller can be adjusted to handle thin papers like bible paper or tea-bag paper but also packing paper and thick paperboard for cores. The TRP offers a wide range of features that can be customized such as automatic knife positioning, automatic core loading, restarting and unloading systems. For short orders, the TRP features a series of devices to make the in-feeding of the web into the machine extremely fast and easy, thus maximizing the productivity even in the most unfavourable working conditions.