Gorham Paper and Tissue launches four specialty papers brands

Gorham Paper and Tissue targets higher value applications, the company announced at Paper2013 the launch of four category-specific paper brands. The portfolio features close to 30 customised specialty papers available with options in weight, color, furnish and functional properties.

The new brands reinforce our strategy to direct our product development expertise and manufacturing flexibility to more challenging technical markets. They communicate our depth of capability, segment our offering and simplify our extensive lineup,” says Brian McAlary, VP of sales and marketing. “As we preview our go-to-market approach our customers are supportive of our focus on higher value technical applications and commitment to building a strong Gorham brand.” The Gorham Specialty Papers include:

• Optix: an FDA compliant line of food packaging embedded with grease resistance and wet strength ideal for wraps, bags, liners and pouches • Helix: application-driven papers engineered with technical properties such as absorbency, machinability, fire retardance, light fastness and extreme strength • Vertix: versatile line of converting papers used for home and office applications such as file folders, envelopes and desktop publishing papers • Iconix: high-volume printing papers optimized for image reproduction and performance and used for demanding applications like tradebooks, corporate literature, financial statements, direct mail and annual reports  “Gorham produces a tremendous range of papers from deep rich colors to bright white, from heavyweight tags to ultra-lightweight bond, demanding food packaging papers to something as straightforward as a drink coaster,” adds Pam Miller, director of marketing. “Gorham is a different type of paper mill. We have the x-factor which is that unique combination of innovation, collaboration and speed. Our new brands Optix, Helix, Vertix and Iconix not only reflect our commitment to craftsmanship they help communicate our story.” Gorham Specialty Papers are available in a basis weight range of 18 lb. – 143 lb. and with furnish options (white, natural and a variety of colors), recycled content up to 100% and chain of custody certification to SFI, FSC and PEFC standards.