Guardian PQV 100% print quality verification

The first step to defect-free runs is determining where a vision inspection system will best fit within your company’s workflow. Many companies are opting for a catch-all solution that runs on the press, examining the entire web, all of the time. This is known as 100% inspection. The Guardian PQV provides true 100% inspection for pharmaceutical applications, as well as applications across the entire printing industry.

The system inspects at all speeds, and during speed changes. What’s more, PC Industries’ 100% inspection systems provide you with the security you need, creating an audit trail of defect history and operator action, so you can guarantee product accuracy to your customers.

This feature rich system proves time and time again to be one of the most versatile and reliable products on the market for 100% print inspection. At home on the press or slitter/rewinder, the Guardian PQV provides a critical level of inspection, catching defects as small as a period in a 3 point font (.0054” x .0054”). In compatible machines, those defects are then recorded in the Defect Roll Map for operator review.

Guardian PQV Defect Roll Mapping

PC Industries offers Defect Roll Mapping on the Guardian PQV 100% Print Quality Verification system. This flexible, reliable, and easy to use software is designed to help improve your bottom line by detecting defects (such as registration shift, color change, or missing periods) early in the process, allowing for corrective action, and providing a true count of defect free labels.

On Press

As part of a Guardian PQV installed on the press, the Defect Roll Mapping system records defects by lane and footage for each roll. The press operator can compare the print to the master on the fly, then accept, reject, or even train the system to bypass that defect in the future – all without stopping the press.

Editing workstation

Defect Roll Mapping offers an extra step of quality control (QC) between the press and the slitter/ rewinder. An Editing Workstation can be connected to any Guardian PQV Roll Mapping system. Information from the press run can be edited, and an operator can accept or flag defects before they reach the rewinder. The productivity of the slitter/rewinder is improved by eliminating unnecessary starts and stops.

Slitter/ Rewinder

The Defect Roll Map Workstation interfaces with the machine to locate defects on the roll automatically. The slitter/rewinder presents the defects at the splicing table and allows for the operator to take appropriate corrective action.

Defect Roll Mapping is flexible enough to be used on any press or rewinder, or as an independent workstation, and is one of several features we offer you to help you achieve defect free rolls. To learn more about our Defect Roll Mapping system or any of our other inspection systems, contact us at +1.847.336.3300, or visit our website at