Heavy duty automatic butt splicer

CTC International has introduced its model S-900ABACV automatic butt splicer said to be suitable for splicing a variety of thick or double ply materials including tag, label, board and film stocks.

The heavy-duty cantilevered unwind design allows rolls as large as 48 inches diameter to be easily accommodated. The web accumulator is a separate piece which can be placed at the left or right side of the splicer, allowing the machine to work in either direction with a simple diversion roller change.

Automatic gapless butt splicing of the web with two pieces of tape (one applied to each side) for maximum security is standard.

Both splice tapes are applied to the web at the same point in the process, reducing chances of a missed splice.

The machine can prepped to make a one-sided splice if desired with the tape always on the same side without turreting the unwind rolls. The splicer will be offered to accommodate a variety of roll sizes, line speeds and further process requirements including CE compliance and in-register splicing. Additional options include automatic web guiding and driven unwind spindles for low tension applications.

CTC International

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