High end sheet-to-sheet laminator

Stock has increased its range of innovative sheet-to-sheet laminators with the introduction of a machine that features electronically controlled sheet registration for meeting the highest demands for accuracy and productivity. With its ‘on-the-fly’ registration (electronic set-up of the sheet overlap) and an additional mode with mechanical sheet registration the AHPL is suitable for laminating most materials, edge to edge, for the production of POP boxes, displays and puzzles at up to 10,000 sph.

Without the use of mechanical front stops there are no more impressions (markings) to the front edge of the sheets for the first lamination process or counter lamination. Manual adjustment – requiring time for the adjustment of the front stops – is eliminated. As an option the machine can be equipped with a pre-feeder for automatic non-stop substrate sheet feeding. Furthermore, single face corrugated sheets can be processed with lying (crossways) flutes. Simply by changing the production mode it is possible to stop and register the sheets at their front and side edge (mechanical registration system) for high laminating accuracy.

The largest format capable of being handled is a sheet size of 2050 x 1510 mm when it will run at speeds up to 9,000 sph.

The AHPL is distinguished by solid construction, modular design, high laminating accuracy and short set-up times – a fully automatic format set-up is available. It also provides operating comfort and minimal maintenance.

A further addition is a high-end reel-to-sheet machine. This is equipped with the latest technology including fully automatic set-up and is designed for a speed of up to 200 m/min. The laminator operates with a fully integrated ‘on-the-fly’ register system for the printed sheets which enables customers to even use thinner papers as top printed sheets. Options include a substrate sheet feeder for sheet-to-sheet lamination (for single and double wall or double face corrugated sheets) and a reel-to-reel unit for either laminating a pre-printed liner to a single face web or producing double face corrugated with a second gluing unit.

With a simple modification to the downstacker the machine can be used for single face sheet production including the automatic stacking of the single face sheets to a pallet; it can also be used for roll-to-sheet or in-line laminating.


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