High performance coating device launched by Rainbow technology systems

The Panda Coater unit from Rainbow Technology Systems has been designed to offer high performance coating for sheet and reel-to-reel materials.  The device has multiple applications from the electronics sector (photo tools) to digital graphics and other in-line coating applications.

The unit offers many advantages over conventional methods of coating.  Its patented Smart Coating Dispenser system ensures that only the optimal amount of coating fluid is used to coat the material.  Conventional “roller in bath” systems can be extremely wasteful, expensive to run and messy.

A thin transparent, scratch and chemically resistant coating (4-20 microns) is applied to the substrate.  It then passes through the integrated, controlled environment UV curing tunnel and is ready for immediate use.  Both thick and thin calibre materials can be processed and the unit automatically senses the exact size of the sheet so only that area is coated.

At the front end of the unit is a Teknek contact cleaning unit which ensures the material is completely free of any contamination (particles down to one micron) before being processed.

Other key features of the Panda Unit include:

  • Circulating coating fluid is gently agitated to ensure a homogenous mix
  • Small footprint – 1m x 1.2m
  • Accommodates material widths up to 660mm
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Rapid start up and low energy consumption
  • Small fluid reservoir (5 litres) means easier and cleaner maintenance
  • Unit sits on custom-built stand with storage and levelling facilities
  • Clean-room compatible paint finish

“This represents a major breakthrough in coating technology.  It offers a more cost-effective, efficient and convenient method of coating web and reel-to-reel substrates for a wide variety of applications,” said Jonathan Kennett, CEO, Rainbow Technology Systems Ltd.  He added: “Designing the Panda Coater has brought together our team’s extensive experience in PCB, electronics, engineering and chemistry to produce a world-beating product.”

For further information please visit www.rainbow-technology.com or call 0141 892 3320.