High precision narrow slitting.

High precision slitting of ultra thin foils and films is a technical challenge. Amcor, a global leader in packaging solutions, is specialised in high quality narrow slitting of thin flexible materials for even the most demanding applications.

The company’s deep slitting expertise has been developed over decades for the capacitor industry and includes both laser and conventional mechanical slit. With its state-of-the-art slitting equipment, Amcor Flexibles is able to process a wide specification range in various gauges and reel widths according to individual customer requirements.

Laser cut is applied for foils and films with thicknesses between 4,0 μm and max. 6,0 μm in reel widths from 250 mm. Mechanical slit with circular knives is used for foil and film gauges of 4,0 μm up to max. 50 μm with reel widths between 2 mm and 800 mm. After slitting, the straight and tightly wound films and foils have smooth and straight edges and allow an easy unwinding. Amcor Flexibles’ integrated rolling operation combined with an expertise in high precision mechanical and laser slitting and winding results in foils and films with a unique performance and excellent machine runability. Customers can also benefit from Amcor Flexibles’ contract slitting service.

Amcor Flexibles

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