High speed production of RFID plastic cards

At Cartes & IDentification 2012 to be held in Paris in November Melzer will demonstrate high speed production for low cost RFID plastic cards which is quite different from the company’s established solution.

MRTD products including e-NID cards or driving licences, border crossing documents or e-passports must have a long lifecycle and are usually equipped with security elements. In addition to the lasered photo security features including CLI/MLI, micro-lettering or latent image must be integrated.

Melzer’s inline production equipment combines sheet material with partially very thin reel materials and precision is reliably performed by the only industrial production process available. The material sandwich is laminated for 20-30 seconds at 180-200°C. This patented technology ensures a gentle lamination of the electronics (RFID inlays) and special ink and security thread. Furthermore, the modular system enables control stations or card inspection systems to be integrated.

Melzer can provide a fully automatic revolutionary inlay production machine for ID cards and passports based on plated antenna technology with soldering connection at highest yield rates.


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