Improvements in die-cutting

PSG GROUP has streamlined production processes within its Shims and Polyester Converter divisions following the installation two new machines: an Ident 350 Rotary converting press and Atom fully programmable Floating Head.

The new machines have bedded in and improved the company’s order delivery times and provided PSG Group’s Shims division the greater capacity for higher frequency of orders with JIT and large batch volumes.

Additional markets such as carton windows and food packaging as well as specialist compound thermals and EMI-shielding materials have opened up. The Atom’s fully computerised programmable Floating Head uses traditional sheet thermal material where minimum contact duration is required to prevent deformation on very pliable material susceptible to dents or imprints.

Both machines have introduced greater consistency in terms of die-cut finishing quality complying to ISO 9001 and within a class 8 clean room. Typical dimensional tolerances of + /- 0.2mm are commonly achieved. The Ident 350 and Atom have also provided PSG Group shims with significant reduction of material usage by increasing the number of parts produced for a given area whilst being beneficial to clients by reducing unit prices.

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