In-house is favourite, Friedheim

FILM LAMINATING, says Friedheim International, whether it be for single sheets, book covers or other applications; and whether performed in-house or at a specialist laminating company, is an important aspect in the finishing process. In the UK and Ireland, Friedheim International exclusively supplies the Tauler PrintLam range of thermal laminating machines that cover the majority of sheet sizes that may be required by the user, from small to large format, as well as different printing processes including digital.

Although dedicated laminating houses have a role to play as part of the printing process, bringing laminating in-house can have its advantages, as long as the right equipment is chosen. In-house laminating offers more control over the production process because the machine is available whenever it is needed. If a customer sets an urgent deadline, it soon becomes cost effective because there is no minimum charge, no matter what the quantity. Overall, installing a laminating machine in-house can improve efficiency and lower your unit costs of production, believes Friedheim’s marketing manager Neil Elliott.

The Tauler range of thermal laminating machines includes: PrintLam Smart – a mobile unit and the smallest model in the range; it occupies such a small space, can easily be ‘tucked away’ in a corner, claims Friedheim. It can handle a minimum sheet format of 150 x 200mm and a maximum format of 520 x 720mm, and is capable of operating at a speed of up to 15 metres-per-minute.

The new PrintLam Smartmatic is another compact yet mobile unit capable of achieving a maximum mechanical speed of up to 20 metres-per-minute, as well as handling a maximum sheet size of 520 x 720mm. It is also able to process sheets of up to 350 gm² in weight. PrintLam B2 features automatic sheet feed and a pressure roller protection system: the B2 is capable of handling a maximum sheet size of 520 x 750mm and up to 450 gm² in weight, as well as being able to operate at a speed of up to 30 metres per minute.

PrintLam CTIS+ is designed for large format work; this particular model can handle sheet sizes from a minimum 200 x 290mm up to a maximum of 750 x 1050mm. It is also supplied with its own incorporated automatic stacker delivery to provide even greater flexibility in operation, as well as improved productivity. Maximum production speed is up to 45 metres per minute (5500 sheets per hour).


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