InovisCoat creates separate production business

To accommodate the successful development of InovisCoat, the production department has been structured as an individual company. As from 1 October 2011 Dr Jörg Siegel will be the chief executive officer of InovisProject. In line with these activities former director business development and sales Moritz Graf zu Eulenburg will be chief executive officer of InovisCoat. A competent partner for any kind of functional coating, the core competency lies in multilayer coating ability where substrates can be coated with up to nine different layers, mixing free at the same time; each layer can have its own functionality.

InovisCoat broadened its business activities especially into the nano-technologic fields of optical films (eg OLEDs, display technology), pharmaceutical or medical technologies (eg wound curing), security systems (eg identification, copy protection) as well as energetic systems (eg barrier sheets). Here InovisCoat can support its customers through its extensive experience as well as its high innovation potential to find new solutions.

InovisCoat T: +49 2173 101 44 0