Introducing Edale’s third generation FL5 single-pass carton production line with the Flat Bed Die Cutter (FDC) CARTON PRODUCTION SIMPLIFIED

Edale are launching their third generation FL5 single-pass carton production line and are planning a series of VIP Days to showcase their new solution. Their FL5 carton production Line with the Flat Bed (FDC), has now been built and fully commissioned at the company’s impressive manufacturing facility, not far from Southampton in the south of England, UK.

Edale are promoting the FL5 with a web width of 600mm (24″), with a repeat up to 711.2mm (28″). This is in line with the previous generation of machine’s USP of being greater than a B2 plus sheet size, which is proving most appealing to carton makers.

Ideal for short-run work from 1,000 – 100,000 units and reconfigurable for a wide range of sizes and forms. The benefits include:

No work in progress

Reduced set up and running waste

Just on skilled operative needed

Short runs and multiple changes with ease

The multiple award-winning FL5 gives all the benefits of single-pass carton production whilst delivering the highest  quality to meet premium brand requirements and maintaining exceptional print quality and registration.

It gives enhanced embellishment capabilities combining print both front & back, foiling, lamination, crease, emboss, braille, die-cut and waste stripping and collation of the final product.


To showcase what Edale has to offer, they are delighted to extend a personal invitation to you and a colleague to visit them at their UK Headquarters either in person or via a live demonstration.

Darren Pickford, Sales Director, Edale, comments: “You would be welcome to visit either in person or we can arrange a personalised live virtual demonstration exclusively for you. At Edale, we firmly believe that seeing is believing, and we will show you how our solutions can significantly enhance your productivity and increase your profit.

During your visit, we will give you an in-depth tour of our factory and an inside look at our operation. You will see our next generation FL5 single-pass Carton Production Line and our FL3 Flexographic Label press producing our latest label and carton samples.”

If you would like to find out more or arrange a visit either in person or virtually,
please give us a call on +44 (0) 1489 569230 or email us:

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