Introducing the latest Atlanta flow wrapper to UK market

Ulma Packaging Atlanta flow wrapperULMA Packaging, one of the worldwide market leaders in the design and build of packaging machinery, is now offering the UK market a high tech version of its popular Atlanta range of horizontal flow wrapping machines.

The Atlanta Hi-tech is designed to produce a three seal pillow pack and is ideal for improving efficiencies across many sectors. Key targets include bakeries, dairies, fresh produce, confectionery, biscuits and pies, medical sachets, hardware and even stationery.

This latest model is packed with technology which includes as standard the ‘no product, no bag’ feature, misplaced product detection and access to a bespoke software ‘UDAQ’ allowing integration with remote line monitoring and data capture. Designed for the most demanding applications the machine can be installed as part of an automatic packing line or as a standalone manual feeding solution.

Versatility and flexibility is a key feature with all the Atlanta models and the Hi-tech takes this even further thanks to the integration of a multi-axis servo motor solution where all three motors can be synchronised through an electronic control panel and simple to use colour graphics screen. The 10-inch colour touch screen has built-in fault finding diagnostics and an icon menu, ensuring that it is as operator friendly as possible. As standard, even the operator language format can be changed easily via the screen interface.

Package length, size and cutting speed are all controlled from the touch screen, which has a built-in memory allowing the parameter storage of up to 50 products. Capable of up to 400 packs per minute where speed is the important factor, or alternatively if versatility is required, the model can handle products up to 500mm in length.

Other key features included as standard are: rotary crimp jaws with an electronic clutch, three pairs of pneumatically opening and closing fin seal rollers, a 700mm wide motorised reel holder with pneumatic core clamp and an in-feed conveyor with two meters of effective feeding space, all enabling a high level of product flexibility.

Suitable for use with a cross-section of different heat sealing films, including BOPP, PVC, polyester, cellulose, cold sealing films, shrinkable, HDPE and laminate, the machine can handle rolls up to 300mm in roll diameter.

ULMA Packaging’s UK technical manager, Dave Berriman, commented: “The latest Atlanta Hi-tech is fully electronic controlled and this provides the machine with a high versatility and flexibility in product changes along with perfect dynamics in the machine’s sealing operation. Built to exceptional high standards this latest addition to the ULMA Packaging line-up is ideal for a variety of applications and is especially suited where a quick changeover between different products is required.”