Inventive engineering excellence

GOEBEL has spent the past 160 years designing and building groundbreaking machines to become a leading supplier of slitter rewinders for paper, film and flexible packaging.

Leading manufacturers around the world have been converting paper, board, film and special materials on GOEBEL slitter rewinders for many years. Founded in 1851, within four years the company had delivered its first specialised machine for paper.


With demand growing for different applications, GOEBEL supplied technically advanced machines for converting paper to the German market with its first slitter rewinders commissioned in 1883.

“The secret of 160 years of success are countless innovations which are highly regarded by experts in the field,” says managing director Dr Ralf Enderle. ”These developments have resulted in high performance machines for the future which ensure that GOEBEL remains popular all over the world. Over many decades and through the upheavals of two world wars, our company has developed into a global player and leading supplier of slitter rewinders for the converting industry.”

Birth of a new technology

“The slitting technology developed in Darmstadt was the first to allow for the production of a genuinely smooth roll face – a technology of which GOEBEL remains master today,” says Enderle. “Attracting the attention of the international market, the company expanded with many patent applications filed over the next few years.”

Use of the circular shear slitting process with the strongly wrapped bottom cutter shaft became common property once the patents expired – a process still in use today.

As GOEBEL played an increasingly international role its expertise and technical precision resulted in the development of many innovative machines including the optislit with its ability to set contact pressure and winding tension with extreme precision. The high finished reel quality was well received and the optislit continues to be a top-of-the-range model for converting particularly sensitive paper types.

With the development of the monoslit the quality of the finished reels and cost effectiveness in production means it remains one of the premium systems of choice used by film manufacturers.

Since 2001 the company has focused on the design and engineering of slitter rewinders.

Today GOEBEL manufactures a wide range of primary and secondary slitter machinery for different materials including: printing and writing papers; coated papers; cigarette and filter papers; technical papers; cardboard; plastic films; flexible packaging and aluminium foil. The slitter rewinders are tailored to customers’ requirements in terms of design, assembly and automation of technical processes. They offer state-of-the-art technology, high productivity and precision solutions for an automatic production process from shrink tunnel to plugger, packaging to inkjet marking.

To date more than 9000 machines have been supplied worldwide; 5000 are still in operation and serviced by GOEBEL. The company provides support in terms of aftersales service, 24/7 hotline, machine maintenance, repair, retrofit or the delivery of spare parts. With an export ratio of more than 80 % of its turnover, GOEBEL is currently seeing the biggest growing rate for slitter rewinders in the Asian markets.

“We are sure that these markets will continue to be the driving force behind global economics but we expect upcoming potential in the Arabian countries, CIS and South America”, explains Enderle.

“With decades of experience as a supplier to the plastics, printing, and converting industries, GOEBEL is the ideal choice to help customers maximise their business potential by engineering excellence; exceptional operating stability; high performance in terms of quality and speed; proven cost efficiency; and outstanding after-sales service.”

More inventions

The future of GOEBEL lies in more and more inventions and new machine designs. Coming soon is a new monoslit which incorporates the latest advancements in BOPP and BOPET film technology and provides working widths up to 11 meters and the fastest running speed up to 1500 meters/minute.

“One key to our success is that we are always anticipating the needs of tomorrow,” concludes Enderle. “The importance of niche markets for new materials including OLEDs and battery foils will increase and as it does, we will be at the forefront in offering machines able to convert them.”

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