Invisible bonding solution for translucent and transparent materials

tesa has introduced the tesa ACXplus range of adhesive tapes for constructive bonding offering additional strengths to specific applications. ACXplus 705x is a powerful, invisible bonding solution for transparent and translucent materials, while ACXplus 706x provides excellent immediate adhesion on substrates with a lower surface energy including plastics and powder-coated materials. ACXplus 707x completes the trio with long-term resistance against extreme temperatures and outstanding shock resistance (down to -40°C) in cold environments. 

The high performance seen in the strength of the tapes’ bonding power, stress dissipation and resistance to weather and temperature are based on viscoelasticity, a material performance defined by both elastic and viscous characteristics. tesa ACXplus tape technology employs a special acrylic adhesive that combines both effects to provide excellent results. Dissimilar materials show different elongations when temperatures change and this creates extreme physical stresses that need to be dissipated for the bond to remain durable. The elastic restoring forces provide inner strength while the viscous part of the material behaviour leads to relaxation of mechanical stresses. The special balance between elastic and viscous performance secures an optimal wetting of different surfaces and a dimensionally stable and permanent bond while absorbing dynamic forces and vibrations to relieve any occurring stresses between bonded components. The key performance benefits in stress dissipation are uniquely available to these products up to three times the tapes’ thickness; a 0.5mm tape can compensate for expansion in bonded materials up to 1.5mm.

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