IST METZ strengthens its position following drupa appearance

IST METZ at drupaFollowing its appearance at drupa, IST METZ has once again demonstrated its prowess as one of the leading market players with its portfolio of UV systems. Its new Hot Swap technology provides customers with maximum flexibility in all things drying.

As the only manufacturer of drying systems at the event, IST METZ used show units and live printing demonstrations to showcase the UV technology it offers and the advantages these products boast. Four demonstrations took place daily on the Heidelberg XL 75-6 + coater Anicolor 2, equipped with proven IST LAMPcure technology and the more recently developed IST LEDcure technology.

“With LEDcure, we have created a product that integrates seamlessly with the highly efficient LAMPcure drying systems, solutions that have impressed customers the world over for the past 40 years,” explained Holger Kühn, managing director of sales.

IST METZ offers both UV lamps and LED systems. The broad reach across many application areas has been consciously expanded in recent years: “We provide our customers with fair and comprehensive advice, helping them to choose the best possible light source, i.e. LED or lamp, for their requirements,” explains Kühn.

Visitors to the trade fair were provided with information regarding the current climate for UV technology. The Heidelberg Speedmaster was used to demonstrate the careful integration of IST METZ UV systems into production machinery. Numerous print samples created in-house, such as the customer magazine, virtual reality glasses or a print sample fan, demonstrated the potential of IST METZ products.

The UV systems were not only on display at the trade fair, however. At the UV Transfer Centre, located at the company’s headquarters in Nürtingen near Stuttgart, IST METZ showed its testing facility complete with two presses and a laboratory.

“The demand is high, as we are the only UV supplier to provide such extensive testing conditions,” said Jens Langer, sales manager at the company. “Here, we have the opportunity to show ‘hands-on’ just how efficient our systems are, and to provide the relevant information for purchasing.”

Also making its debut at drupa: the new Hot Swap technology, which facilitates subsequent retrofitting to LED UV. The machine’s existing peripheral equipment is used for this purpose. The LAMPcure unit is swapped for a LEDcure unit. The respective unit is automatically recognised by the control system and production can immediately resume without any further effort required.

Both the lamp and LED systems from IST METZ were in equal demand at drupa.