Joke has the edge

AVAILABLE FROM UK agent Healey Packaging, the Joke PLD/S 800 pouch making machine manufactured by Joisten & Kettenbaum, Germany, described as being compact and incorporating servo technology designed for the large quantity production of edge-sealing bags.

Materials that can be processed include PA/PE, aluminium composite, PE/PA/PE and paper composite. The PLD/S 800 uses both composite films and tubular or flat material to manufacture pouches. The sealing devices consist of two lengthways sealing stations and two crossways sealing stations.

The two lengthways sealing stations are adjustable crossways in relation to the forward feed direction by means of toothed racks. All sealing stations are controlled by servomotors. The maximum working width is 800mm.

With printed film, the photoelectric cell control takes over precise positioning of the print pattern in relation to the sealing seam. The sealing temperatures for the lengthways and crossways sealing stations are separately adjustable and are electronically controlled. Adjustment is performed using the touch screen display.

The large, clear touch screen display allows convenient adjustment of all essential parameters. The menu has a large number of memory locations and the program structure is simple to use. The display is incorporated in a pivoting arm and therefore allows rapid access from both sides of the machine.

Following crossways and lengthways cutting, the bags are stacked over each other on the transport conveyor. The stacking quantity and transport conveyor forward feed can both be easily selected on the display. Modification of the format changes in addition to the sealing seam widths can be performed in a few simple movements.

The PLD/S800 can also be equipped with a folding triangle. The advantage being that a 90º offset film unwinding station is dispensed with and the machine can be set up in the narrowest of spaces and up to 500mm-wide flat film can be processed. Consequently, bags with printing on both sides can be manufactured from flat film.

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