KH7 Lloreda uses Macsa’s SPA CB 30 lasers for marking

Systems integrated into same production line, enabling customization & automatic format changes, plus reduced production stoppages

Macsa ID has installed two high performance SPA CB 30 CO2 laser marking systems at Barcelona-based KH7 Lloreda – leading manufacturer of kitchen cleaners and stain removers. The powerful laser units are primarily being used to mark cardboard boxes, and have been integrated into the same production line, enabling customization and automatic format changes.

Macsa ID’s modular SPA CB 30 laser units are marking the sides and front of cardboard boxes containing bottles of detergent, as well as sleeves and pallets, which are not shrink-wrapped, to reduce the use of plastics.

For the side and front marking of the boxes, Macsa ID integrated both 30W CO2 lasers from its SPA CB 30 series into the customers production line and to facilitate marking on the adjacent side of the box, a laser marking station was also installed.

To ensure a high-quality print, the lasers are operating in static printing mode. As a result, three stopping points were added and synchronised with the laser equipment to regulate the direction of the boxes.

The equipment was installed, and a patch of laser additive was applied to the cardboard so that the appropriate contrast could be achieved within the customers required cycle time. This meant that the 2D codes could be read correctly, regulating the power and speed of the laser scanners to ensure a clear and legible black mark on all the elements included in the customers data, onto the white cardboard.

The coding solution for KH7 Lloreda also included Macsa ID’s Marca software which designs the messages marked on the boxes. In addition, the company’s Integra Optima software was integrated into the ERP, centralizing the entire coding and marking process at a single point, which significantly reduces the number of human interventions and potential for error.

Macsa ID’s SPA C machines offer a range of key benefits including reliability, accuracy, versatility, connectivity and adaptability. Utilising powerful and fast CO2 laser technology, the lasers are designed to meet the most demanding coding needs and requirements. The modular design ensures installation of optics, exchanging heads or printing on curved or irregular surfaces is made easy.

Ideal for paper and cardboard, as well as materials such as glass, PET and various plastics, SPA C systems are widely used by packaging manufacturers.

Adapting to the speed and characteristics of each production line, this series achieves permanent and legible markings to guarantee traceability.

Other options for marking cardboard include labelling technology, continuous inkjet direct printing (CIJ) and thermal transfer (TTO).