Kingsmoor Packaging continues investment plans

Thermoformed packaging firm, Kingsmoor Packaging, has continued its workflow investment plans following interruptions created by the pandemic.

Prior to 2020, the privately owned family business, which has been designing and manufacturing award-winning bespoke and off the shelf plastic packaging for the food industry since 1990, had been on track to take full advantage of its facility improvements, which included a new design studio and toolroom extension, and capital investments into their tooling and production facilities.

With capacity now back to pre-pandemic levels, the company is now realising the benefits of its previous investments and has since continued with its improvement plans.

“Back in 2019, we extended the toolroom and revamped our design and pattern making facility. With this extension, we also invested in new machinery to allow us to increase efficiencies and offer our customers more support with NPD,” said James Hill, Kingsmoor’s managing director. “While extending the toolroom, we also created space for additional machinery investments, which has recently included another CNC milling machine centre. It’s amazing that after all the business has gone through during the height of the pandemic last year, that we now find ourselves once again in a position to carry on with our investment plans for our toolroom, design and development facilities.

“We’ve seen an amazing increase in NPD and new tooling since spring this year and now all hope that we can put COVID-19 behind us and continue on this much more exciting and fulfilling path in taking the business forward again.”

Based in Somerton, Somerset, the company actively supports their local business community, having purchased their second CNC milling machine centre from local machinery suppliers, YMT.

Mr Hill added: “Kingsmoor is lucky enough to be situated in one of the heartlands of the UK’s thermoforming industry, and with that you find a number of local suppliers that manufacture all kinds of equipment that can facilitate our business. We pride ourselves on our efforts to support local business and individuals as much as we can, and YMT have fitted in very well with this ethos being based just down the road from our factory in Yeovil, plus providing us with a first class service. With these further investments into our tooling and design facility and with the team of people we now have, Kingsmoor is equipped to offer one of the best full end to end services in product design and manufacturing within our industry.”