Laem System New TR series

The new TR series for converters and labels producers represents the new Laem System standard in terms of efficiency, productivity and solidity.

The main “S”-wrap draw roller guarantees a very wide wrap angle around it; together with the nip roller, it guarantees the most stable and precise handling of the web material at high speeds.
When processing delicate materials, like cold-seal laminates, or adhesive materials for labels, the S-wrap manages to pull the material without the nip roller, hence protecting the product and granting high quality.

The slitting stations, with assisted or fully automatic positioning, can be  equipped with a special lubrication device, that keeps the blades clean, while rollers can be covered with anti glue rubber, or plasma coated. The extremely short web path from the slitting to the rewinding group, where a movable carriage moves back while the rewinding diameter increases, grants perfect rewinding tension control.

TR model is available with rewinding on dual shaft for an outside diameter up to 800 mm, or with automatic changeover on turrets with 4 shafts: in this case outside diameter can reach 700 mm.

Several devices can be included, such as the automatic closure of finished reels, the motorized laser pointer for quick core positioning or the automatic core loader and many other automations to reduce downtime and increase the production performances.

Indeed, the TR series is extremely robust and has been designed to work at high speeds 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This model is Laem System’s response to the modern Converter’s need to improve quality of finished rolls while increasing drastically the productivity and efficiency of the slitting operation.

Laem System offers also complete handling systems of finished reels, with anthropomorphic robots, conveyor belts, palletisation system and automatic storage system: quality and efficiency of the whole slitting and packaging departments.

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