Leo Luxe folding rigid box collection expands

Leo Luxe has expanded its Leo Luxe Folding Rigid Box portfolio with new flat pack designs for retail and cosmetic markets in response to the desire for a packaging solution that minimises shipping costs and space at retail but sets up as a customised rigid box that maximises brand messaging.

The Leo Luxe Folding Rigid Box is designed for versatility. The box can be customised in a variety of ways: the size and shape can be adjusted to fit all types of products and there is an assortment of closure options such as, integrated or separate lids, magnetic latches, ribbon-pulls, tuck-in flaps, and more.

Optional features also include the ability to add die-cut windows to showcase the products inside and the addition of secondary printing processes that can create stunning looks at retail. Leo Luxe has developed over 50 processes that create spectacular effects on different media including glittering, flocking and foil-blocking. Some of these processes can transform paper into looking like other materials such as leather, metal and wood.

“There are various types of folding box solutions in the marketplace but few combine the total solution and proprietary nuances that create the overall versatility, design and quality of the Leo Luxe Folding Rigid Box collection,” says Cuan O’Callaghan. “We are constantly driving new innovations to create stunning signature looks for various brands at retail to maximise the connection between the packaged product and its appeal to consumers.” Leo Luxe offers an extensive range of packaging formats including flat, rigid and foldable boxes and specialty gift bags. Its design concepts can be applied to various luxury product categories including premium drinks, cosmetics, toiletries, confections, watches and jewellery.

The company prides itself on providing an end-to-end bespoke service to meet individual customer needs, developing innovative techniques to transform paper, creating unique packaging concepts that stand-out on the retail shelf and complete supply chain management to bring products to market.