Lightweight film for high quality flexible packaging weighs 40% less

Nordenia is the first packaging company to successfully implement the NorCell technology in flexible packaging. The multi-national film manufacturer and converter is meeting growing demands from customers and end-users for sustainability and resource conservation. The key feature of the NorCell technology is that the weight of flexible packaging is greatly reduced using a physical, controlled foaming process without reducing the film thickness. This ‘lightweight construction film’ is said to weigh up to 40% less than conventional film.

Surface structures with unique haptics of the film can be achieved through the patented foaming technology. At the same time, packaging made with NorCell is characterised by a high puncture resistance, excellent sealing ability and great printability, meeting customer requirements for high quality, flexible product packaging.

The reduced packaging weight is also noticeable as a saving for the customer in terms of transportation costs and subsequent disposal charges. Nordenia is active throughout Europe as an exclusive contact for all matters relating to NorCell technology for flexible packaging. In combination with its established expertise, high quality packaging is currently being produced for the food, petcare, wet wipe, detergent and hygiene markets.

Nordenia International

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