Long Life – UV Lamps with ‘Everclear Halogen Cycle’ Now available to all!

  • Longer useful lifetime i.e. UV output across the whole working width.
  • Lower annual lamp cost.
  • Less production down time to change lamps.

Since 1986, uv-technik’s main focus has been in the design and production of special long life UV curing lamps and electronic power supplies to meet OEM’s and end users most demanding requirements.

The strategy of the International business however is to “open the doors to end users and distributors worldwide and offer them OEM quality, long life UV curing lamps and electronic ballasts.”

Every user of uv-curing lamps knows the problem that although the lamp “works”, there are times when the edges do not completely cure, especially when operating the lamp at full power.

The reason for this is the erosion of the electrodes, which results in the familiar ‘blackening’ around the electrode area. This blackening can be as much as 2 to 3 cm on each end; therefore the maximum possible printing width gradually becomes smaller. Because of this the lamps have to be changed earlier even though the UV-power in the centre of the lamp is still more than 75% of its original output.

The special “Everclear Halogen Cycle” in the lamps takes remedial action as it prevents the edges from blackening prematurely. This could increase lamp life up to 4000 hours!

There are many advantages for the user –

  • Longer useful lifetime i.e. UV output across the whole working width.
  • Lower annual lamp cost.
  • Less production down time to change lamps.

uv-technik’s UV medium-pressure lamps with a power of 1 kW to 70 kW are manufactured in accordance to DIN ISO 9001, to customer’s specifications at their factory near Munich and also at their factory located near Illmenau Germany.

uv-technik also manufactures a comprehensive range of ‘solid state’ Electronic Power Supplies for lamps in the range of 250w – 34Kw

Why use Electronic Power Supplies (EPS)?

Advantages for the user:

  • Step less adjustability of lamp power and through this optimal adaptation to the curing process e.g. at variable machine speeds. Results are lower heat load of the irradiated object and the surrounding machines as well as energy saving.
  • Possibility of “balancing out” lamp ageing.
  • The requested and adjusted lamp power is consistently controlled and therefore independent of mains voltage variations or other influences.
  • Instant ‘Pulsing’ of the lamps from 100% – 10% – 100% in 5ms. This means, depending on application a clear energy saving.

Advantages for the machine producer (OEM):

  • ONE power supply for many different lamps and lamp powers: For lamp power from 250 to 34,000 watts there are only seven different EPS-types necessary. Without changing the power supply, a range of lamp lengths and powers can be easily connected to the EPS, only the minimum and maximum lamp power levels need to be set.
  • EPS are smaller and lighter than conventional power supplies.
  • There is less time needed for installation and wiring.
  • Perfect for export, since it can be used worldwide on 376 to 509 V at 50 and 60Hz. without changing the power supply (3 phase units).
  • Possibilities of installing the power supply directly into the machine, so that the switch cabinet becomes unnecessary or it becomes significantly smaller.
  • Balanced load across 3 phases (for 3-phase units).
  • High warm up current for short warm up phase, but NO higher current on the mains.
  • No Neutral line necessary (3-phase units)
  • No additional ignition necessary (except TEP 20)
  • Distance between power supply and lamp up to 15 m and more (FSU).

Operation with rectangular current:

  • Operation of a uv-lamp with a rectangular current avoids the short ‘dark breaks’ which occur in the arc using standard power supplies at 50 or 60Hz. So running at very high speed there is no loss of curing, e.g. for high speed printing, lacquering or printing of fibre optics etc.
  • When objects are monitored by cameras, interference is avoided.


  • Electronic Power Supplies have been in use world-wide since 1996. The experiences and the suggestions for improvement from our customers have influenced the current series. All types of EPS are short circuit proof, earth fault proof as well as no-load safe and have proved themselves as very reliable during practical use.

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