Looking to optimise an existing product or develop a new process?

Established in 1932, Spooner Industries is a world leader in forced convection technology. Based in the UK, Spooner design, engineer and manufacture industrial solutions for all drying, curing, cooling, floating and turning equipment for a wide and diverse variety of Converting applications.  

Before making a large investment in new equipment, Spooner offer customers the opportunity to conduct trials, test a wide variety of processes and develop new products at the in-house state-of-the-art Test and R&D Centre. 

Spooner’s Test and R & D Centre is based at the £4m purpose built headquarters in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and is available for both new and existing customers to hire.  Having recently been upgraded and new testing equipment purchased, now is the ideal time to hire the facility and ensure your new product or existing process has the optimum results in terms of efficiency, throughput and product quality.

Whilst working in the Test Centre, Spooner’s customers are assured of confidentiality throughout and Spooner’s highly skilled and experienced engineers are on hand to help.

A comprehensive and versatile range of equipment is available, allowing customers to reproduce virtually any drying, curing, heating, cooling or coating process for converting applications.

The Test Centre’s High Speed Coating Line (HSCL) is a modern, high speed converting machine capable of the coating and flotation drying a wide variety of products up to 1000m/min, incorporating ‘state of the art’ sensors and a sophisticated data-logging system for the comprehensive monitoring, recording and analysis of all process parameters.

Spooner’s HSCL, is capable of the following coating techniques;

  • Direct and Reverse Gravure
  • Offset Gravure
  • Chambered Doctor Blade
  • Trailing Doctor Blade
  • Three Roll Hydrophilic (Chrome roll)
  • Three Roll Reverse
  • Size Press Simulation

The four zone HSCL dryer can accommodate the full range of Spooner flotation nozzles.  It features an air temperature range from 40-350°C, nozzle velocities up to 90m/s, and a line speed from 0 to 1000m/min, on-line corona discharge treater, LEL monitoring for solvent based chemistries and Air Turn units at dryer entry and exit. 

Spooner’s Test Centre also features various hand sample machines which can be used for the in-depth study of a wide variety of coating, heating, drying and cooling processes.  These pilot machines are extremely versatile and are able to simulate most commercially available drying and coating systems.  Spooner uses these machines extensively for development purposes and the evaluation and characterisation of the process you require.

Spooner Industries manufactures a range of custom built machinery including; Flotation Dryers, Air Impingement Dryers, Air Turns, Web Coolers, Roller Support Dryers, Heat Recovery Systems, Inert Atmosphere Systems, as well as Environmental Systems such as oxidisers for pollution abatement.

Typical applications for Spooner’s bespoke solutions include paper, adhesives, flexible packaging, floor coverings, films, metals, tissues, cellophanes, board, carbon fibre, photovoltaic, non-wovens and glass fibre.

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