Lou Piffer to present at TAPPI 2022 Flex-Pack Conference

Lou Piffer of Davis-Standard will present two papers during the TAPPI 2022 International Flexible Packaging and Extrusion Division Conference, April 10 – 13, in Austin, Texas. Mr Piffer, a senior sales engineer and specialist in cast film and extrusion coating, will present during sessions 9 and 10 during the conference.

Mr Piffer’s presentation during session 9 on Tuesday 12 April, is entitled Polymers: Films and Extrusion Coating Lines. This paper encompasses the work of industry expert Dragan Djordjevic from the 1990s, and is part of the session’s focus on timeless technical insights. The presentation will cover standard rheology variables such as melt index, molecular weight distribution, density, and side-chain branching. The variables will be reviewed not only as an academic quality, but from the perspective of how a unique combination permits viable processing on a cast film or extrusion coating line. This includes a discussion on determining important end-use properties in the melt and solid-state of the resin.

Lou Piffer.

His presentation during session 10 on Wednesday 13 April, is entitled Extrusion Coating versus Adhesive Lamination – A Comparison Study. This paper builds upon Mr Piffer’s earlier work entitled Extrusion Coating in an Adhesive Lamination World, to further examine the advantages and disadvantages of both processes for specific structures. He will outline various requirements for an acceptable structure and discuss how those features can be maintained when running an adhesive lamination structure using the extrusion coating process.

To see the full conference agenda, visit https://events.tappiflexible.org/program/technical-program/