Low cost solutions for converters

To maximise productivity in its customers’ die-cutting processes, BOBST launched automated solutions to reduce the number of tasks the operator has to carry out during a job changeover. By utilising intelligent systems throughout the press, substantial time savings can be achieved, creating additional uptime for profit-generating production.

New developments included Smart Feeder II and a one-touch setting feature for the non-stop grid shown on a new generation EXPERTCUT 106 PER die-cutter.

Further developments were on display that reduce process waste and shorten recovery time following a machine stop, thereby improving net outputs and reducing the number of over-runs required from print, substantially increasing profit margins. To ensure die-cutting quality throughout the run, the equipment on display featured new systems which increase the operational life of tooling. These allow high quality cutting to be maintained for an increased quantity of impressions, reducing the costs of manufacturing each box.


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