Macsa ID leaves no stone unturned with laser marking on metal packaging for olives

SPA 2 CB30 CO2 laser system meets traceability requirements of rapidly growing sector

The first modular and scalable laser coding system, Macsa ID’s high performance SPA 2 CB3O units are applying alphanumeric codes onto the printed metal containers now widely being chosen by producers and processors to package their innovative product ranges such as olives that are whole, pitted, stuffed, sliced and flavoured.

As with the food industry in general, the olive sector is highly regulated meaning the fruit should be traceable at all stages of its life cycle, from field to fork.  Macsa ID’s SPA 2 CB30 laser system achieves permanent and high resolution markings to guarantee traceability.

With 30W power and a dust-free 100mm x 100 mm area lens, the SPA 2 CB30 machine applies a high contrast mark without affecting the integrity of the metal barrier material (container). The laser strips the first layer of paint so the mark is legible and of the highest quality.

As a Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) platform, this laser range from Macsa ID can be configured exactly for the specific application and adapted to the speed and characteristics of each production line. This enables processors to easily keep their coding operations up to date.

Macsa ID’s SPA 2 laser series offers a number of key benefits including reliability, accuracy, versatility, connectivity and adaptability. Utilising powerful and fast CO2 laser technology, these units are designed to the meet the most demanding coding needs and requirements.

Protecting the laser from the environment is the key to long life with minimal issues or downtime. The SPA 2 is protected to IP54 as standard, with an IP65 SPA CIP version as an option for greater reliability in dusty and humid environments. A reverse airflow cooling system ensures that dust in the air never comes into contact with system components.

The SPA laser comprises five main modules: the laser source, the print head, the enclosure, the controller and software and the electronics. The modular design ensures easy installation of optics, exchanging heads or printing on curved or irregular surfaces. As well as metal, the SPA 2 is ideal for marking on to paper, cardboard, glass, PET and various plastics.

 A colour touchscreen interface offers complete control of the laser along with print format design, a setup wizard and help videos. It is operated via Macsa ID’s sophisticated yet easy to use Marca programming software. Plus, a wide range of accessories and extras optimise laser performance.