Meeting the productivity, accuracy and quality demands of the converting industry

Delta ModTech MOD-TRACK™ Vision Inspection and INTELLI-MOD™ Control System

One of the most frustrating and costly concerns for converters is downtime—those periods when machines aren’t running and producing sellable products. Several factors can result in non-productive time, but one that can be readily addressed is streamlining setup and operation of machines used for printing, die cutting and producing finished packaging and medical products.

Meeting this need, the latest release of Delta ModTech’s MOD-TRACK™ automated visual inspection system which focuses on simplifying set up. A Delta ModTech converting system with MOD-TRACK puts vision setup in the hands of the operator with easy to set constraints. Less custom programing speeds up the time-to-market for contract manufacturers and converters with frequent changeovers. The updated vision system can be set up without dedicated programming staff and provides immediate feedback when errors are detected and can be used for quality inspection as well as closed loop registration correction to improve your yield.

Delta ModTech converting equipment features INTELLI-MOD™ control systems. These systems offers high speed precision with minimal material waste, the perfect solution for applications where expensive materials and drugs need to be accounted for. And, when operators need additional information on a specific topic, detailed knowledge is a click away, linking them to the correct section of the operator manual that is integrated into the Delta ModTech system software. Together, these new capabilities speed job setup and changeover, reduce operator training requirements, increase accuracy, maintain counts of pieces produced, and deliver higher productivity with less waste.

Delta ModTech offers manufacturing solutions for a variety of complex medical, pharmaceutical, label, security, RFID, packaging and cosmetic products. Delta ModTech equipment is custom designed and engineered to meet your application requirements, improve your profitability, and reduce your risk.