Micro-controlled static neutraliser

A high performance static neutralising system incorporating the latest technology to achieve best possible results with local embedded intelligence has been introduced by Hildebrand

IONstream FUSION is a high performance static neutralising system that incorporates the latest technological developments and is micro-controller operated with local embedded intelligence. Electrode contamination and emitter pin status as well as neutralising efficiency are continuously monitored and visualised in real time.

Accessible with a hand-held computer or a master touch panel LCD, parameters can easily be changed by process engineers. These include the frequency from 0 -100 Hz and pulse width in the PULSEDC mode as well as each polarity’s output voltage value.

This allows the user to adapt the system settings to the application requirements and achieve the best possible static neutralising result. All electronic components and high voltage parts are encapsulated inside the bar profile. Supply voltage is 24V DC.

IONstream FUSION is available in two versions, a +/-6kV standard application version and a +/-12kV long range application version. By applying alternate positive and negative high voltage current to the emitter pins, ions of both polarities are generated. IONstream FUSION`s special pin pitch set-up and tungsten steel pin material generates substantially more ions over the same time frame and provides a much more homogenous electrostatic field when compared to any other conventional PULSEDC method neutralising systems.

The highly efficient pin shape and sharpness is maintained during the full lifetime of the neutralising bar which is constructed with a special glass fibre reinforced extrusion incorporating nonmetallic shields which work in harmony with the electrostatic field of the emitter pins. The result of this revolutionary technology and intelligence is an effective neutralising range of up to 1500mm in certain applications.

The expert DOE (design of experiments) software in combination with its real-time micro-controller functionality allows easy integration into today’s industrial Fieldbus as well as Ethernet networks. If connected to a network, up to 127 neutralising bars can be monitored and controlled via a single

Master or connected via Hildebrand’s Gate- Way to the customers interface. The software offers the following features:

– Main system display showing neutralising bar position and real time performance status.

– Access for detailed diagnostics of each individual neutraliser in the system.

– Password protected engineer access screen for individual adjustment and parameter setting for each of the systems neutralising bars.

– System logs and graphically displays production run performance data including residual charge for 100% process control/TQM.

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