Mission to India for the Centrexpo Ipack-Ima group

A tour designed to present the partnership agreements signed with India’s major market players; important events taking place from 2013 through 2015 show the great potential of the European market for processing, packaging, printing and converting technologies.

The Centrexpo Ipack-Ima group will stage four international exhibitions in 2013 (Pharmintech in April, Bologna; Grafitalia and Converflex in May, Milan; and Fruitech Innovation in November, Milan) and set to  launch East Afripack in 2014 (9-12 September), the new processing and packaging exhibition in Nairobi. It has also announced IPACKIMA in 2015 (Milan, 19-23 May) to be staged during the Expo 2015 (May – October).   

The group will meet India’s market players face to face in two events taking place in the two most strategically important metropolises of the Indian peninsula to the end of showing through facts and numbers the considerable business opportunities of the EU, the world’s first market by GDP – $ 17 thousand billion, larger even than the US at $ 15 thousand billion.      

All this is possible in spite of the crisis: Europe embraces economy-driving countries as well as some that are still struggling with a challenging situation. Figures show that the industrial sectors represented by the Centrexpo Ipack-Ima group have been growing both in 2011 and 2012.  Italy and Germany generate over half the  revenues  coming  from  machinery manufacturing. Italy is responsible for 18% of Europe’s total revenues in this sector with a 11.7% increase in 2011; the closing balance of 2012 will show further growth, in spite of the circulation of news that have contributed to protracting the existing economic problems.     

“Sales of machinery in the EU are very little affected by the problems which the banks and governments of some countries – a small minority – are being slower in solving than others,” explains Guido Corbella, CEO of Centrexpo Spa and Ipack-Ima Spa.

In the light of this intensive promotional actions are being carried out in the Indian market for which Italy is the third supplier worldwide in food processing, packaging and converting machinery after Germany and China and  holds  an  undisputed  leadership in packaging  machinery (27.6%  compared to Germany’s 20.8%) and food processing machinery in specific segments including confectionery, cocoa and chocolate and fruit and vegetable processing.    

The partnership agreements signed by the Centrexpo-Ipack-Ima group are of  relevant  strategic  importance  and  involve associations  gathering  IPMMI  (Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India) and IFCA (Indian Flexible Packaging & Folding Carton  Manufacturers Association) machinery manufacturers. The agreements will last throughout 2015 and provide for the promotion of the group’s events on the Indian market as well as exhibitor and visitor recruitment. The partnerships and activities of the Centrexpo-Ipack-Ima group were presented 19 February in a press conference in Mumbai. The tour moves onto New Delhi with a presentation to AIFPA (All India Food Processors Association) and APEDA  (Agricultural  & Processed Food Products Export  Development  Authority) industrialists on 21-22 February.