Moisttech debuts new equipment ideal for chocolate, condiments, cheese and more!

Requiring an instant method of moisture detection during the manufacturing process is very common in the food industry, but what about when it comes to applications such as condiments, chocolate, soft cheese, sauces and more?

MoistTech is debuting their Food Grade Sanitary Valve Connection that allows for the instant measurement of moisture through a pipeline for pneumatically conveyed materials. This provides users with a non-destructive way to have instant moisture measurements directly on the production line without time consuming traditional laboratory methods. The Food Grade Sanitary Valve Connection is designed to be adapted to the process pipeline conveyed material, allowing the material to flow directly against the NIR detector without wasting or contaminating the product.


Monitor: Process optimization and monitoring creates increased efficiency & less waste

Adjust: Operational personnel are able to make crucial, immediate adjustments

Improve: Maintain product integrity, quality control & prevent waste & downtime


continuous improvements for food manufacturing

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