Mondon has designs on your process

With more 30 years experience Mondon offers expertise in engineering solutions for the converting of all types of flexible materials including coating and laminating

For decades Mondon has partnered converters in supplying high quality machinery designed for all type of flexible material including nonstop winders, unwinders and converting systems (slitting, perforation, welding, sheeting, coating, laminating and flexographic transfer). Furthermore, the company offers end of line solutions including rolls packing machines, conveying and palletising systems.

Conveniently situated near the largest polyethylene film production centre in France, the company continues to expand by engineering automated machinery which can provide both quality products and high productivity for its customers.

With more than 30 years experience, Mondon has acquired a wealth of specialist expertise in flexible web processing and designs tailormade solutions for handling various materials including nonwovens, aluminium, plastic, film, paper and rubber.

Strong desire to innovate

The business sectors where Mondon is proactive are constantly changing. Technological developments stem from a strong desire and ability to innovate which in turn gives the business a competitive edge in the markets it serves.

With emphasis on a personalised approach and solutions combining technology and ingenuity, the company is well positioned to satisfy its customer’s specific requirements.

Despite the challenging economic climate the company continues to invest in research, modernising and rationalising its production tools and strengthening its presence in the market.

“We try to best meet our customers’ requirements and meet their demands for productivity, energy saving and combined solutions thanks to our know-how and experience,” explains founder Roland

Mondon. “Over the past few years we have strengthened our range of machines from upstream to downstream. We offer complete solutions: reel handling (loading or conveying) before unwinding then the converting unit until rewinding in addition to packing and palletising.”

Mondon offers customers the opportunity to create their own converting machine or line depending on the plant and staff with a production capacity exactly adapted to its specific needs. The company is structured in such a way as to provide either a simple device or complete converting lines.

Global vision


“Our wide range of experiences in various sectors give us a global vision of the possible solutions and so enables us choose the best one corresponding to the customer’s needs,” continues Mondon.

“Efficiency, productivity, versatility and energy-saving lie at the heart of the design process. We attach great importance to researching the most efficient way of doing things and have been active in technological improvements including patents, investment in CAD and machining with high capacity.”

Key features of Mondon’s highly engineered solutions that reflect its customer commitment include innovation tuned to performance; modularity; increased productivity; higher machine speeds; automation resulting in less downtime and fewer product quality issues; customised systems that reduce both waste and manpower; quality and durability.

Integrated solutions

“Our experienced team of specialists in the areas of engineering, designing, mechanical assembly and automation and after sales service are able to devise integrated solutions (machining, designing, electrical engineering, painting, mounting, assembly) to a very high standard,” concludes Mondon. “These include production program rolls packing and wrapping with foil or paper; conveying systems to handle rolls directly at the output of production lines; logistic solutions with identification and transport systems; palletising finished and/or packed rolls. Modular design based on proven concepts allows Mondon to customise machinery to meet customer’s needs – both current and future.”


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