Narrow web and primary film slitter rewinders from 600 to 8000 mm wide

Euromac is a leading manufacturer of slitting and rewinding machines and supplies both standard solutions as well as fully customised projects for various flexible packaging substrates. With 45 years of experience and over 1600 machines sold worldwide Euromac is the reliable partner for your slitting and rewinding projects.

Euromac’s product range varies from narrow web slitter rewinders of 600 mm wide to primary film slitter rewinders of 8000 mm wide. Working speeds from 600 to 1200 m/min can be achieved.

The two best selling models are TB-3.06T2 and TB-6.10CM. Euromac full automatic slitter rewinder model TB-3.06T2 features double turret rewind system with downtimes of 40 seconds and various automation possibilities for both slitting system and/or roll handling.

►Unwind diameters to 1500 mm

►Rewind diameters 600-850 mm

►Speeds 600-850 m/min

►Automatic cycle

Euromac slitter rewinder model TB-6.10CM is a primary or secondary film slitter suitable for rewinding rolls up to a maximum diameter of 1000 mm with independent tension control for each individual arm and features web widths from 1600 mm to 3500 mm.

Unwind diameters to 1500 mm

Rewind diameters 600-1500 mm

Speeds 600-1200 m/min


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